Friday, July 3, 2009

Visit To Taiping Nite Safari & Tambun Pomelo Farm with strokees

In my earlier post on Visit to Pomelo Farm, I went to the farm to survey the feasibilty for the strokees to get in before i actually brought them on the actual day.

On 27June 2009 & 28June 2009 , I organised & took a group of strokees to
visit the Taiping Nite Safari & the Tambun Pomelo Farm in Ipoh

On arrival of the strokees frm Ampang, they were taken for a yummilicious luncheon at Sun Hup Kee at Leong Sin Nam Street.

After that we ta pau "tau Fu Fah"(bean curd dessert) and soya
bean frm the Ipoh famous Funny Mountain for the them to take back
& check into Syuen Hotel.

Then on 27th nite we adjourned to nite Safari.

Can u see the The love- owls?

Though some may not be able to see the night creatures clearly but every effort & steps the
strokees made to attend this outing itself was a great achievement

& self satisfaction to prove There is indeed Life After Stroke.

Before the nite Safari while waiting for the strokees frm Ampang, K.L to arrive by bus, my family went earlier before 7pm to have dinner at Pokok Assam roadside...the famous Curry Fishehead, Lobak (Fried Beancurd skin wrapping some pork ingredients), Assam Prawn(Fried Prawn with tamarine sauce), fried beansprout & steam tofu.
Fried Beansprout with salted Fish (simple & yummy!)

steam tofu with fried onion Assam Prawn
Fried Lobak

Curry Fish Head (the shop's speciality)

After the nite safari, AMPANG strokees even requested for us to Ta Pau
(takeaway) the Taiping famous Doli Halal Fried Kueh Teow for them for
supper. Thumbs up to the handsome young bus driver who was a good
driver to take the strokees safely to their destination in a
commendable pace .

This is the handsome young driver with his friend.

The next morning, we adjourned to the Ipoh Tambun Pomelo Farm on
28June 09 at 10am. The visit was really an eye opener for all of entrance but lots of valuable learning experience gained.

Fellowship at the farm hall where the exercises, laughter, ,music & dance took place besides being served with a variety of fruits by the farm owner Mr.Chin.

Do you knw the following facts about Pomelo?

1) Pomelo has 30% vit C richer than oranges & apples.

2) The skin has more remedial benefits than the inner fruit.
- it can be boiled with water for getting rid of hair dandruff & good
usage as tranquiliser & relaxation medium.
- some researches in taiwan has shown it's benefits in suppresing
Asthma, Hypertension & Diabetes when boiled with "Pak Hup" (one kind of
traditional supplement.
***Strokees were advised to be cautious if they wanna try the
recommended remedy by the pomelo farm owner & at their own risk.

3) The skin & rotten fruit can be recycled to make enzyme.

4) In Africa & overseas, one pmelo can sell up to US$32. We Aseans are
so fortunate to be able to enjoy these pomelos at lower cost.(between

After the fellowship & morning activity at the hall, we adjourned for lunch at Low Wong Nga Choy Kai (the Ipoh famous Chicken & Bean sprout) in town. After that Ampang strokees had their last round of shopping for Ipoh goodies (besides the
20 boxes of Salted Chicken) and headed for home.

Volunteers having fun, too!

Till we meet again, take care & God Bless all the strokees.

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jacss said...

what a great success on the trip you organised irene, kudos to you!! hey, i've also been to the night safari heh!!