Saturday, July 11, 2009

Roti Prata & my own dhall gravy..yummy!

Today's breakfast is Kawan Roti Prata with my own cooked dhal. Got the recipe from an Indian lady wrkg in Jusco where I bought the raw dhall.

The roti is crispy & yummy. The dhall is spiced up & thickilicious!

Also made some sandwiches from the "about- to- expire" Gardenia bread.

Here's my Fried onion sausage & egg mayo mix added with salad dressing & some chopped pears!

Coming up next for lunch is my very own Kai Si Hor Fun & Mai Fun (Chicken strips Kueh tiaw & mihun) both the dry (kon low) and soup version. Twins & daddy loved the dry ones, while the princesses love the soup. Me..I had both version.

Tonight planning to make Nasi Tak Lemak! Stay tune for the post later.

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