Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sooo many weekends no cook....start cooking again this week.

Our Saturday 4July 2009

What we had for breakfast?

I prepared Roti Prata with Mackeral sauce to go with.
I name this dish The Tsunami Prata & Applelicios Mackerel. The instant Prata bread was bought frm Jusco & I use a canned Mackerel , added some sour green apple strips to replace cucumber, some tamarine sauce and this is what we have:

Named it tsunami because my hubby & kids insisted to have the mackerel gravy pouring & flooding the prata bread. Hubby wants it "Banjir'(flood), my twins called it "tsunami":
Roti Prata Kawan

The Mackerel Sauce with Green Apple slice
Our simple & cheap breakfast

For lunch: I cooked deep fried Red Snapper with garrlic/Ginger & Big Onions; boiled village chiken with pomelo skin(apparently it's good for Asthma, Hypertension & Diabetes)..didnt taste yummy coz the pomelo skin made it bitter: Fried vege. Didnt quite like the lunch on the whole. Forgot to take pictures.

Dinner: Had KFC Jom Jimat meals!

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