Monday, July 20, 2009

Sickening Sunday cheered up by cows & vege!!

On Saturday 18.7.09, no mood to make breakfast...early morning someone oredi started a cold war here (continuation frm a previous night war over some stupid frogs & the MACC(Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission) issues. Don't ask me to elaborate!
So I took the twins out for a quickie breakfast before sending them to school. Left the two girls to bug HIM. I wont give in this time..not when He has gone beyond my limit of tolerance!!

After I got back by lunch all he was concern was LUNCH after spending the whole stupid morning reading newspaper & DOING nothing!!!!! How luxurious!!
I had to do marketing & then rush to prepare lunch. So as noted in my previous post, I made Penang Fried Kueh Teow & Mamak Mee Goreng for lunch with Lurve.

Then for dinner, here's what I cooked 3 dishes for rice:

Fried Spare ribs marinated with Chinese cooking wine & dark soya sauce,etc.

Fried tofu dip with mayo & chilly-tomato sauce.

Then one stir fried garlic with spinach (forgot to take picture).

Then the next morning, I fried potato wedges & nuggets for breakfast, followed by making chee cheong fun for lunch. Cooked my own chicky mushroom sauce to go with it:

Then in the evening, we went to a fren's Cow & Vege Farm : Take a look the these pics:

Big Thks to Prem for the warm hospitality!!


Cynthia said...

cool down cool down.. no point anger over the frogs and politics.. just don't worth your anger, time and mood... :)

Blessed mum said...

relax..all man are the same..mine too.

two pixels photography said...

wah u gaduh with him pasal itu ah LOL

Angeline said...

hey hey, at least the day ended with a good "moo...." *wink*