Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday meals!

Past 2 weekends we had been staying at home most of the time to minimise the risk of contracting H1N1 flu. Besides, times like now, better go out less, especially to shopping malls to avoid spending unnecessarily.

So that means more home cooking, spend more indoor times with family & more dish washing & hoursechores for me!!

Breakfast: I made my family Lor Mihun( Saucy Gravy MiHun with vege & fish ball, chicken & prawn)
Sorry forgot to snap pic as i was rushing the twins to be on time for their Taekwando.

lunch: 1) fried Red snapper & sauced up with tomato& onion gravy.
2) ABC soup
3) Stir fried Chinese Cabbage with chicken burger meat
4) Sambal Fish Curry Tomato for my hubby

Then my twins made some sushi for the first time with their daddy: Not bad. I fried Salmon & prepare some cold Baby Octopus (prepacked frm Jusco). They creatively made few other varients like banana , chicken floss, fried onion & cheese suchi. Wala!! Nice:

Then we went to the nearby playground for the kids to release some energy & for daddy to burn some calories running in the field.

Dinner: we went to Sharon's Laksa (at Carnival Place where the old Antap Cafe was).
I had Siamese Laksa while hubby & kids had cheezy Yummy spaghetti.

Just put all the kids to bed as it's school tomorrow. They always name Saturday & Sunday their Special Day coz they dnt need to school & can have sooo much fun spending family time with mommy & daddy.


Daddy said...

It's so cool to see all of you cooking together...Precious moments...

MeRy said...

U are a good chef...can cook so well.

MeRy said...

U are a good chef...can cook so well.

Angeline said...

hey hey H1N1 is not that bad afterall eh? you get to sharpen your culinary skills and make your kids adore you that much more by satisfying their taste buds. *wink*

Mummy to QiQi said...

u really love cooking heh? saw your nasi tak lemak, so long i wanted to make it but until today belum buat..sigh...