Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pls stretchhhhhh in between your prolong posture!

Lately i've been seing a lot of chronic pain patients with neck, back, shoulder , knees, ankle & wrist joint pain.

Why?? Because of their prolong hours of static posture being in their work station such as long hours of computer work, in factory, too much standing, repeated stress to their joints & just by simply not moving and breaking monotonus posture at work.

This is called Work- related Musculoskeletal Disorders. These problems if not addressed early, will lead to chronic (long term) problems later on.

So, please stretch in between work, pace out your duration of prolong activities, break the pattern of being in one position for toooo long!

Love your neck, back, shoulder, knees , write & all your joints & take good care of them. !

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