Sunday, December 23, 2007

Visited the Ipoh Kek Lok Seh temple today

Today is "chor yat sap ng" (the 15th day of the lunar calendar.)

Went to Kek Lok Seh temple in Ipoh after breakfast, to offer prayers to all my deceased relatives and ancestors placed at the alter in the temple's pagoda.

Simple prayers, vegetarian, calm and neat.Not much smoke as they don't use jossstick but the "tart heong" (the coil type of incense). So not so much polution, too.

We offered fruits and flowers only.

Those deceased have their indiviual plot there. Basically just the 'san chue phai" no urn of ashes. The ashes post creamation are usually placed elsewhere like the Bercham crematorium or the Sam Poh Tong.

This temple is quite well maintained and visited by many relatives who come back from outstation over this long holiday period to pay respect to their deceased relatives.

Here are some of the pics I took this morning.

jasmine with her bunch of flowers to offer her great grandparents.
The Buddha statuesThe alters (San chue phai)The pagoda


Samm said...

I havent been there for years years years. Sigh.... it's changed a lot, huh. Gotta take my kids there one day.

renet13 said...

One thing for sure whoever who placed their alters there after they leave this world won't be lonely coz every chor yat sap em there will be chanting by the members there.