Saturday, December 22, 2007

i'm a new comer

thanks to my ol fren who is an expert in blogging now and earning big bucks..I'm finally in as
a very very AMATEUR blogger.

Just found my new year resolution for 2008 be good at blogging and eventually can earn
extra income without having to work so hard physically as my job required and spend more time at home with my 4 muskeeteers.

So Sifu blogger....need you guidance.


Samm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Samm said...

FIRST!!! YAY!!! Hope this journey is rewarding to you. Keep the brainjuice flowing. You've got plenty. Mine... my brains are fried liao

renet13 said...

samm,what comment have u deleted from my blog? Can't view it

Eva's said...

Hi there thanks for dropping by my blog.Welcome to the blog world!

Nope I'm not from Ipoh but my hubby is.Where u from?

suesue said...

Hi Renet, thanks for visiting my blog and I think you get me wrong I am not a SAHM yet and not so lucky to be SAHM. Still need to work leh to earn money for the 2 kids. Ur twin boys is so cute really salute u with 4 kids, how you handle ah?

Will link you in my blog. Sue