Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My beautiful Daisies

I'm sure everyone has a hobby. Certainly blogging is one of them. Blogging is my new found hobby wheras my favourite hobbies are comping (taking part in contest..and i will make a blog on contest in future) , gardening, shopping etc.

Since I love gardening, I also love to "buy potted flowers" (the key word is buy and not plant from seeds or cuttings by myself..no timelah).

Few weeks ago before Christmas, I bought a few pots of daisies which look so inviting at the JUSCO supermarket in Kinta City IPoh. Of course they cost more than those we could get from Cameron Highlands but I don't mind paying for the extra to offset the temptation and inviting look they have..as well the wear and tear n petrol to go all the way to Cameron Highlands to but them.

Take a look......aren't they pretty? Would u buy them if you are a flower freak like me?

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