Saturday, December 22, 2007

Addicted to neck pain oredi.

I can understand why some of u bloggers are so fanatic about this blogging bizness.
Besides the $$$$ i suppose it's the flow of thoughts that comes ad u just wanna let it all out bfore u run out of ideas of your composition. Agree?

Then u end up having neck pain, tension here tension there, from normal homosapien turning into nocturnal bloggers ..sleeping when most people are awake and awake wehn people are sleeping I think my fren Samm can relate to this.

So for u bloggers out there who suffers neckache and backache here and there, try some of these stretching exs in between your blogging session to break the muscle tension.

Stay healthy to stay blogging.


Samm said...

Haha, i have nexk pain now too. I need massage!!

renet13 said...

myself oso neck pain oredi blogging too long hours.