Saturday, December 22, 2007

adeline resort

For this holiday season, if u guys r in Ipoh, do check out this place call Adeline Resort for nature experience. It's 6km from the Gopeng town mainroad.

A friend recommended this place to us. we went a few weeks ago for tea (RM5 per head). we had char kueh tiaw, fried sweet potato, cabbage wrap artificial sharkfin and teh tarik. We were so satiated that I had to skip dinner that day.

U can stay overnight at the challets built on a rubber estate. The owner Adeline cooks real good food but because she only has a maid to help her ..u guys need to wash up your own eating utensils after eating , lol.

Many outdoor activities can be arrangd upon request with the orang Asli as escort. There are white water rafting, caving in Gua Kandu, jungle tracking, Natural Jacuzzi & waterfall, catching the Rajah Brookee butterfly, visit the orang asli village and wet abseiling.

Great place for quite relaxation and meditation, outdoor activities, great food and great to discipline your kids to wash their own plates after eating, lol.

Oh don't forget your mosquito repellent..I was told at night not so many mosquitos when the atmosphere becomes cooler.


planning to take my boys there for camping next time.


Samm said...

This one must be syiok. But got mozzies onot

renet13 said...

sure got mozzieslah. dats y i saud bring mosquito repellent loh.

renet13 said...

if u check out adeline's website u will notice some tv celebrities and prominent people in Ipoh had visited her rest house.mayb next time v go there yum char.