Saturday, December 22, 2007

I miss my uncle

Today is my uncle's "wui wan" and his wife and children are all hiding in the room after offering food on the table for him.
He passed on on 11Dec after a 9 hour operation for heart bypass at IJN.
I miss him alot. He is my best uncle whom i owe my childhood to. The skill i gain in swimming,
adventurous stuff like bicycling, jungle tracking, hiking to waterfalls....all because of him. He was the one who encourage me to take up these activities which my dad wouldn't allow fearing that they were too dangerous for me during my childhood.

Now that he's gone, i pray that his soul would rest in peace and be free to visit wherever he wanted to go before he pased away. He loved to travel. I really feel soory for my auntie who misses him a lot everyday. They were such loving couple at the last moments.

All I have now are the memories and picturesI took throughout his funeral until the moment when his body was cremated and the ashes released into the Kinta river.

U will always be in my heart my dear uncle no matter whre ur soul may be.

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