Friday, May 9, 2008

Me + Hubby + twins going for a meditation retreat this weekend

Yup..we are joining other mind science members for a retreat at the BOH plantation (Camero Highlands)for a meditation retreat this morning, stay a night and will be back tomorrow.

We are planning to hike up to the highest point with the most beautiful view to do our alpha cycle (mind projection to reach the stage of alpha). My twins though they are only 9, have been exposed to this mind science concept after i graduated from a 2 week course which i paid RM300, a few years back. For those of u not familiar, it's something like meditation, mind relaxation and projection of positive thoughts and discharging all the negative thoughts back to the universe.

Really brought positive changes to my life, work, social , etc. At times i used it to heal my kids with simple ailments (after all I'm not God or San Sin), use it to counteract my negative and intimidating counterparts and also for winning contests. I mainly use it to protect my family, and enhance goodwill with my relative, friends, collegues and patients.

will keep u all posted after this excursion here as well as at my

Have a nice weekend.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...mind sharing about this meditation? I think it would do me good cos I really need positive thinking ;)

renet13 said...

It is a very useful tool to charge urself up with positiveness and stay mentally and physically healthy for your self and people you connect with and will attract.