Sunday, May 4, 2008

had a bz weekend

Saturday May 3 (morning): Juliana's sports day

- Juliana's 1st sports day ever. Mommy , daddy, her twin ko ko and litle Jasmine sister were there as early as 8am to cheer for her. glad she didnt break down like she's fond of doing whenever we are around with her in school. In her event, Ju has to run and hop into a hoola hoop, then balance on a long beam, then scoop coloured water and empty it in another container then run back. Mommy so bz taking video during her sports action, forgot to snap pictures. So the pics in the slideshow were mainly the pre and post race event. Sayang! Mommy is so proud of u Ju for all the rehersal and training u n ur frens had. Poor babe even came home and complain of her achy legs. Mommy gave her a massage and whe was so relieved and thankful with a big smile!

3rd May (atfernoon): Attended a Malay Wedding Kenduri

After the sports event, we took all the four kids to attend a Malay wedding.
The twins enjoyed trying to eat with their bare hands on those spicy dishes. I let them wear Baju Melayu while the girls wore Baju Kurung. Need to cultivate some muhibbah Malaysian culture and spirit in them while they are still young. My girls wanted to curi the marshmellow n candies from one of the Penggantin's hantaran (wedding gift).

3rd May evening: At Clearwater Sanctuary, Batu Gajah

Went swimming, aquarobic and joguarobic at the clearwater sanctuary swimming pool while my twins went golfing 9 holes with their daddy. The gals stayed at home to watch their Barbie the Island Princess vcd. They have been pestering me tobuy them the tiara. Check out my post on My Princesses.


Mummy to QiQi said...

first time i see such nice marshmellow hantaran!!

renet13 said...

yup..that's just the one i took picture. got some more hantaran with fruits, with shirt n tie, with money and photo frame which is more common. Anyway, that couple especially the grrom quite well off..that's why u see the hantaran also nicer looking and more exclusive .not so cheapo type.