Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting ready with her bday invitation cards...

That's Ju at work with her masterpiece invitation cards to be snt to friends invited to her home Birthday T-Party. Her Bday is 10 June 2008 but we are doing it just a day before school reopens...sure better turn up as most people would be back from school holidays then.

Stay tune on the creative flower lollies courtesy of LIAN's ideas and shared by QQ's mom


Bengbeng said...

yr hse is so full of happening events :) one day they will remember their childhood n realize wat a rich one they had.

Lian said...

Can't wait to see your flower lollies.

renet13 said...

The main reason i'm blogging is to leave a legacy for my kids in the form of this digital diary about their childhood.

will post it before I leave for Bali this morning 4am Truly appreciate u for this idea.Thnks a bunch. But I modified it with recycle greeting cards to cut cost & be environmental friendly.