Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Wesak's a public holiday for us today!

(The gorgeous Buddha at IBDA)
(The monk blessing the oil lamps )

(Dennis bathing the mini Buddha)

Last night we already had the celebration at a nearby temple near our house. It's called the IBDA (Ipoh Buddhist Dhama Association).

The devotees will hold a candle each and walked round the garden, then there was the great monk blessing the Buddha, the holy water fountain (for bathing the mini Buddha) and the oil lamp circle. Then we had a get together and fellowship.

After receiving blessings from the Monk, my family and I walked home. I took back some holy water for bathing.I also apllied MindScience and sprinkled the holy water all over my house to shower it with blessings. There was also a take home message for all and among all I would like to share these 2 phrases with you:

Every obstacle is a very good test,
Having gone through it, you can gauge your strength and courage of patience.
Use the mirror of humbleness to reflect on the demon of pride and arrogance,
To overcome obstinacy and self ego in oneself is to be grateful and appreciative of others.

Be a friend and helpers to all beings,
Caught in the web of sorrow a creation of which it arises from their selfisheness,
Use your blessings, merits and virtues to greatly benefit others with wise loving compassion.

I personaly feel that that bloggers who blog great things to share are in deed benefiting other bloggers.

Happy Wesak To all.
May All Beings Be Peaceful, ell and Happy!
(Venerable Aggacitto Thera)

p.s Let's all pray to the earthquake victims and their family in China.


wisesim said...

Happy Wesak Day to you & your Family! :)

wisesim said...

Let's us all also pray for the people in China(Sizhuan) who are facing great hardship due to the recent earthquake! :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

Irene, Happy Wesak to you!

I went to our centre this morning, but since I couldnt walk up the stairs, I only manage to lit a candle for my family. Really missing the Wesak celebration this year.

Bengbeng said...

Happy Wesak Day to you & your Family!

huisia said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
oledi added your link

renet13 said...

Thanks everybody for dropping by. Happy Wesak and may the great Light of Buddha be with the universe especially to thse in need e.g the earthquake victims on China.