Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To You Daniel & Dennis

Happy Birthday to Daniel & Dennis. Mom and Dad wish both of you Good Health, Happiness and Great Wisdom and the very best in all you do!

As today 21st May is their 9th birthday, mommy still have no idea what to buy them. I asked if they want a birthday cake and I'll get it after work today around 6.30pm. Daniel my first twin said "Mummy just get us a cheap cake..after all you work so hard for money and we wouldnt want you to spend too much on us...anything is fine". I was so touched by the thoughts.

So i plan to take them to Night Market)Pasar Malam) tonight and pray that it wont rain... to choose their favourite toy. Then go get a cake and have a simple sing song and cut cake session and take some nice pictures for my next post. Not planning to hold parties as they have had enough each year from 1st to 8 years. Thought of letting them keep low profile this year onwards.

What did you mommies out there get for your kids on their birthdays? How do you plan or celebrate you kids' birthday?


alicia said...

Happy Birthday Daniel & Dennis!
Wah your Daniel is such a good boy

Ling That's Me said...

Happy birthday!

normally, we just have a simple celebration, like cake cutting and nice meal outside with the children

Creative B Bee said...

Happy Birthday boys!!

huisia said...

Happy Birthday..
9th..woo...big boys already!!

GarGies said...

Happy birthday! Yeah, I would buy a toy/game for my children and get a birthday cake as well, as no birthday is a birthday without a cake.

renet13 said...

Thnks everyone for dropping by and the bday wishes. i finally got them a samll ice cream cake and Ben 10 toy they like very much. Had the cake cutting session at 9pm when daddy came home from work. Aftrall, mom and dad really work hard for them.

jazzmint said...

wah ur boy so thoughtful....happy birthday to both of them :). i'm seriously a very bad person when comes to present...simply cant think

renet13 said...

Hi Alicia,
Just wondering how icome i couldnt link to your blog when i click on ur name? Neither could I assess through ur email. Pls direct me to your blog if u dont mind .TQ