Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bizeeee but great weekend..with beloved family!

Last weekend was a fruitful one for us . Did quite a lot and managed to spend much time with my family especially kids. It's school holiday and everywhere is jam packed. Even Ipoh town got traffic jam, believe it or not?So we just spend time at home and also at our Ipoh City and Country Club (ICCC, Jalan Kampar)

1) So first thing in the morning we did Project Apple Pie..courtesy of daddy's recipe searched from internet(from Astro programme).

2) We had breakfast at the famous Canning Garden "Ngau Lam Fun" stall in The Sun Hup Fatt coffee shop situated at Jalan Cecil Rae. For the sake of blogging I just found out the actual name of the shop and road as most of the time we just tell people it's the shop near Canning Garden market. This guy has a typical "angled mouth" and we address him as the "Chor How Low Ngau Lam Fun". The "ngau lam" (Beef strips and stomache..dont really how to name it in English)is taste good with the corriander leave and herbal fragrance. Emmmm yummy!!! Mummy's favourite.
Take a look at the red tender meat:

3) Afternoon, took grandpa for early birthday treat at the ipoh old town "Tin Choon" coffee shop which is famous for the St. Michael chee cheong fun, Chinese satay, and the famous "KAI SI HOR FUN"(strip chiken kueh teow in prawn oil soup). Also got "ngau lam fun". Another round of good food. Emmmmm puas!(Satisfaction)

4) Evening, took the kids to Ipoh City and Country Club for a swim. My twins already know how to swim. Gave them a 1 week intensive swimming lesson 2 years back just emphasized that they learn how to thread water and float so as to reduce risk of drowning. The girlsspend time at the wadding pool by themselves with mom and dad supervision from above. Mommy can't join as her "tai yee mah" visits (period come lor). Daddy also do remote control supervision from above to make sure the boys do swim their laps.


huisia said...

oh, that's really a fruitful and hilarious day with so many kids together..

GarGies said...

I was back for the weekend too when the school hols started. It was also a fruitful one for us, spending time together. But just not enough time to look up friends. :(