Saturday, May 31, 2008

I love weekends!

Today as I was waiting for Daniel & Dennis to have their trial Taekwando lesson for the 1st time, I went into their school hall where there was a book exhibition. In the hall, I bumped into this lady making a whole collections of Japanese paper dolls and a variety of paper dolls (bride, English girl, etc)

I was vey impressed with her artwork which I think is going to extinct with our modern Cyber kids' world. Her masterpieces really bring back memories of my time when I used to do a lot of craftwork and creative stuff like making paper dolls, making dragon flies keychains , knitting onto Vitagen plastic bottles and putting animal eyes on them, etc,etc.

I bought 2 packets of the origami papers from her at only RM2.50 each and will try to make those Japanese paper dolls when I have the time. If QQ's mom wants to start a flower lolly biznes, perhaps I may consider making paper dolls biznes. ha Ha.

Take a look at her collection of fine masterpieces:

Outrageous? Beauty? Remarkable? I think those creations were genious! What do you think?


wisesim said...

Wow! They are beautiful! I don't think many of us can do that in this modern age! :)

jacss said...

wuah...really awesome artcraft, didn't know it can be this amazing!
but don't think i have d patient to even learn this...haha
oh ya...i think it's abt time to consider sending my boys to taekwondo/karate too!!