Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rainy season, frogs mating in my garden!

As we all knw, nowasdays it rain almost everyday and due to the rainy season..I guess it's ideal for frogs mating, too.

Past few days have been a great adventure for my hubby, my maid and I outside our garden..past sleeping time.!!

Why?? Because they were frogs croaking in my garden beside my koi pond. Their amplified croaks waked my whole neigbourhood and disturbed sleeping. I was so shy when my immediate neighbour called me when I was still at work to inform me that there were frogs croaking since afternoon till night and they can't sleep. I told her actually my hubby has caught 3 frogs that day but there were still some more.
Then my maid caught another 3 frogs the next afternoon.When I got back the next evening, they started their orchestra again. I caught 1 , hubby caught another 1 and another 1 just after we drove out to free the frogs at a nearby playground.Just a while ago, we found a pair mating and one just staring at them. At last we caught all 3 and dump them near a drain at a nearby playground.

This is the latest ones we caught mating in the pond and already got tadpoles swimming inside the pond. The big fat one is female and the one riding n top is male almost 1/2 size smaller.

So have you calculated in total how many frogs we caught in the past 3 days? Winner will get to cook "frog" porridge for dinner . Ha ! Ha!

Yes the answer is 1 dozen frogs. My hubby will buy empat ekor tomorrow . But thinking of it we caught 12..frog number is 3 digit . Then it will be 5 ekor not empat ekor. By the way, what is the number for Frog for those of you who buy numbers??


InnocentWitch said...

Life is great.... go 1188... 3366.... good or not...

Mummy to QiQi said... geli to catch these frogs!!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Frogs!!! geli :D Hey, so many amphibians mating in your garden means your house has good fengshui eh? ;)

liteng said...

wah.. 1 dozen! dat's a lot. i can imagine the orchestra is really annoying esp @ nite.. hehe. btw, i also feel geli to catch frogs.. yaiks!!

renet13 said...

Aiyah Shiau Lee, my hubby bought 3388 and it came out 3377 fo the number. No luck!!