Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I-Kad for my Indon maid

Took half day off today. Went to a deserted place in a kampung area where there was this JKR quarters with so many Malay young staff at the so called Immigration Dept doing I-Kad. Those of u who have maids, I'm sure u notice we were used to be given a blue card for our maid called the "foreign worker card". For the past one year after my intake of this current maid, I've not received that card. When I enquired from the Immigration dept, I was told they no longer issue those cards anymore. Now they have what they call the I-Kad. Very simple to get.

You can do it before or after you renew your maid. I did it after sending her for medical check up with FOMEMA. Then I took her to the I-Kad dept to get the Kad done.

This is what you need:

1) Your maid's thumbprint
2) Maid's passport size photo with WHITE background
3) Her original passport.
4) Free of charge

The processing duration varies but was told about 4-5 months. They will call the employer to go and collect from the I-Kad dept once it's done. The new I-Kad has a microchip. Unlike the old blue card.

Next week gotta bring her for renewal of her permit. I used to let my agent do the renewal but since many friends told me that it's quiet easy and cheaper to do it myself..this time I'm giving it a try. actually quite easy. First go Fomema RM190.00 in the form of Wang Pos..then select the panel doctor we want. Take maid to the doctor where the blood test will be taken and also the XRAY.Nowadays you can get the results as early as 3 days. Go FOMEMA website or call them for the results. Once results OK..proceed with the renewal at the Immigration Dept. Pay RM30 per month for the levi. One year is about RM360 plus some service charges..Since my maids' passport expire sooner than her permit..I gotta renew until the passport's validity instead of a one year renewal.

At first my maid's XRAY report was doubtful and the FOMEMA quarantine her as they find something which looks like a metal stuff near her neck. When I called to explained that she forgot to remove her earrings, they review the report again and give greenlight to proceed with renewal. THank GOD..otherwise I will need to take unpay leave while sourcing a new maid.

Maid oh maid. Nowadays they are necessity no more luxury!

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