Monday, April 14, 2008

Day out with mom and dad at the pet shop!

Today hub and myself on leave. Supposed to renew maid and take her for medical check up. Unfortunately, her Tai Yee Mah came (having menses) and we had to postpone the event.

Took Jasmine to the pet shop when her sister and koko were at school.

She had a great time and all the attention mom and daddy gave her.

She saw many many hamsters, rabbits and roasters. The pet shop coincidently ran out of animal stock. So laku..mostly sold out. waiting for new stock.

Saw a lady who was there to buy some hamsters to resell at her shop.She was determining the sex of the hamsters by blowing the fur at the prvate part. I find it quite interesting and wonder how could she differentiate the sex when the hamster is so darn small.

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