Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our little Juliana is a copycat of her mum & dad when punishing her

My hubby and I used to use rotan to cane our twin boys when they are really beyond control but nvr on his precious little girls . I knw it's double standards but what to do daddy's girls mah. Anyway as the boys grw we chnage our strategy as the cane no longer wrks on their pachyderm (thick skin). So we make the boys do push ups or pumping. This will toughen them up. As for the girls we make them stand corner. I think this has an impact especially on Juliana (3 yrs old). Yesterday I caught her playing with Barbie Doll and a Tesco doll where she scolded Barbie for beating Tesco doll and she punished Barbie by putting her to stand corner just like the way we did on her when she was naughty. Take a look at this video. It really tickles me:


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, i couldn't see the photo you posted on this one. strange lah. actually, i've tried the standing in the corner method but ashley thinks it's a game eventhough I was very stern with her.

renet13 said...

ya lor i oso dnt knw y the video just wont show.sori abt that.