Saturday, September 5, 2009

My simple Saturday morning till evening - just Me & my 4 kids

Hubby has left home as early as 8am to be with his friends at Damai Laut for Golf (18 holes).

The kids and I had the luxury to sleep till about 10am as I do not have locum like usual Saturdays. So what did the 5 of us do before daddy came home?

1) Breakfast - I reheat the Murtabak (our favorite during Ramadhan month)with the pink coloured shalots in sugar water. Emm yummilicious!!

2) Kids helped me with laundry and washing up before we left for lunch around 1pm

3)) Lunch @ KFC- kids had Cheezy chickaroni while I had the Zinger fillet rice & coleslaw.

Also bought the promotional KFC Zinger watches for the girls:

4)Then we proceed to JUSCO to "lepak" (walk around) and shop for my groceries.
a) The kids had fun walking around with their new cartoon masks:

b) They were also greeted by Cadbury Mascot Pink JUMBO and the promoter kor kor who gave them balloons:

5) Then sent the twins kor kor for Taekwando after which I took the Mei Meis to Pologround :

Then hubby came back an hour after we were at the playground.

So this good wifey had decided to cook 3 simplicious dishes to go with warm rice for BUKA PUASA(break fast for MUSLIMS). Wanna knw what i cooked..stay tune to my next post.

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