Sunday, September 6, 2009

A short but sweet Day trip to Cameron Highlands

As tomorrow is a Public Holiday for our state (Nuzul Quaran), hubby spontaneously decided to drive us all up to Cameron Highlands for a day trip to Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (Going around to look for food).

We took off after I prepared these breakfast (Seafod Tom Yam Fried rice & Tuna Sandwiches) & snack for my family:

So what did we do in Cameron Highlands? These pictures will tell you some of the places we visited :

1) Our first stop at Green View Garden, where we bought many boxes of Oyster mushroom Crisps (original, wasabi, curry & blackpepper flavours)

2) Eating durians (my enemy fruit) by the roadside:

3) Kids shopping for their Ben10 & Barbie sweaters at the Sunday Pasar Pagi(Morning Market):

4) hotel hopping @ Equatorial, Heritage, Marina Chalet, GreenView hotel, Century Pine Hotel, etc

5) We also tasted the raw jagung (sweet corn), oyster mushroom/ water crest Tempura and the Teh tarik in Cameron Highlands. Not to mention shopping for the sweet & big oranges, Giant Bubble racket for the kids, & other nick nacks.

The kids were pretty excited throughout the trip. though they were whining us all the way & bugged us to stay a night in Camerons. After some negotiation, they somehow gave in to us . We reached home about 6.30pm.

We had simple Maggi Goreng with Fried Fish & steam Vege for dinner.


Alicia said...

such a great fun for a day trip

little prince's mummy said...

Lovely nice trip...

Mummy to QiQi said...

nice day trip. very near to yur place?

Angeline said...

Ooooo... Cameron Highlands... the place where I remember the air is pure cool and fresh!

jacss said...

i missed cameron steamboat & cool weather :)
eh, btw durian is so nice lar... can't udrstd why u don't like, my scotty also run-away seeing durian, hahaha