Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm back ...

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long absence.

Was having some problem with my "all these while so good and faithful" maid. She betrayed our trust, went back and never returned as promised. It was such a gradual well plan drama..I felt so silly , stupid and a loser to be conned by her. Her story was damn good and managed to stole our sympathy.
The worst was my 4 kids having to settle down to a new routine of going to nursery and childcare centre fullday.

The experience with this great cheater was too traumatising for me emotionally not to mention some financial loss and fear from unpleasant sms related to that maid.

Now I have to be on unpay leave to see to the welfare of my kids and household. All these while we have been so dependant on the maid since we both work outstation. Blessing in disguise that she didnt take my youngest daughter along..the one she supposedly love very much. That's why all these while no loop holes or unpleasant discoveries. All work was done well and she was soooooo capable .

Let bygones be bygones. Just pray that there wont be any more future problem crawling in after how she cheated us and also we believed she did all that with a syndicate.

I really feel like putting her photo and details online to boycot her. My maid agency said there's nothing they can do or I can do. Even after reporting to Immigration and the Police this "cheater" can still come in to Malaysia anytime as long as she changes her name and identity and make a new pasport. I really hope she wont go on to find the next victim.

What do you think I should do? Sometimes it's so unfair. We employers can cheated and became victim to these kind of maid and yet we get penalty of RM250 by Immigration. On top of that taking a new one is so damn expensive almost RM8K. The immigration rules are also not strict enough to control the illegal immigrants.

Will find time to blog again.


Ling That's Me said...

oh no, I can fully relate to ur feelings as I was tramautised by my ex-maid too. sigh, there's really nothing we can do as an employer. I shall leave it to Heaven.

take care!

Creative B Bee said...

Azzz....!!! That's is the reason WHY I become SAHM loh!!! I can't accept ONLY my children stay at home with maid.
Luckily your family still safety and healty. The non happy part just ignore it!!!Take care and enjoy yr enpay household life kekekeke!!!

jazzmint said...

waiyoo...sigh, i'm so sick with all these maid issues. me lately oso got maid issue. ya and i cant' figure why we gotta pay 250 for fine, not that we ask them to runaway rite

Mommy to Chumsy said...

sorry to hear about this. Thank God that nothing untoward happened to your family. take care.

U.Lee said...

Hi Renet13, happened to be looking for something in an old posting came across your visit.
Guess you not the only one I have been reading re maid problems.
I guess when getting a basket of apples, one is bound to find a couple of rotten ones.
What about your in-laws or out-laws, ha ha or grandma keeping an eye on the kids?
Too far away?
I guess I am not qualified to comment to a solution as no experience, ha ha.

Anyway, just to wish you to stay easy, keep well and have a great week, best regards, Lee.

alicia said...

hi no wonder u were away for so long... sad to hear ur story, my maid left beg of april and im still waiting for replacement maid until now, the maid make us reli angry wif her, me too reli feel like giving her many many slaps on her face... having said dat, i think it is wiser for us to think for the future instead. r u planning to take new maid? we r too dependent on maid too cant leave without them... sigh

renet13 said...

Thank you all for the concern n comfort wishes. My kids coping with the new nursery and childcare centre routine. Not only it cost us a bomb from frm Rm500 per month of paying the maid to RM1000 plus to send them for childcare, they also have problems with catching flu, cough and fever. Sad to see them so small going through these. Dunno wat I hav done that my maid did that to us. I never ill treated of fight with her. She is like a Chi Mui to me for taking good care of my kids. Till early this week I still receive sms frm that BITCH (pardon me coz I really hated her for all she did) still have guts to ask whetehr she could come back to work with me.

Hamzah said...

am considering setting up a blog/website to list all good and bad maids together with their agencies.

as a community service project sort of thing ... if anyone is game pm me

thank you.