Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A great weekend with the kids at clearwater sanctuary Batu Gajah

My twins new found acquintance Jeremy came back and put up at the Clearwater challets (you know the one that Chow Yuen Fatt & Jodie Foster stayed when they were doing the shooting for the movie "Anna & The King?".

So the kids have agreed to meet up at the swimming pool.

There was a new water slide at the medium pool.(forgot to take picture of that!)

The boys had their fun swimming & playing with water guns while I stayed with the girls at the wadding pool.

Then we had tea break by the poolside....Clearwater Laksa and my hubby ordered Pulut Durian (EEEE stinko!!). We also had poolside ice kacang.

The girls had a splashing fun time at the pool and also rent a bike & cycle around the open space. we missed the archery session for members.

Great relaxing weekend after a whole long week at nursery, work and housechores.
Everyone had their share of great time.

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