Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy hour with mommy - early escape frm the nursery!

Since I'm on unpay leave and more or less settling down with the kids sent to nursery, thought I should spend whatever quality time I have with my kids before I resume work once I get transfer back to hometown.

So I took the girls back from nursery earlier than usual . Instead of 6pm I went and fetched them at 4pm. Couldnt take the boys along as they have after school tuition and homework. Anyway they had their fun with mom when they were much younger like their sisters now.

Indeed Happy hour with mommy!.

The joy of them seing me early really make my day. Took them to the Ipoh Pologround (a recreational padang for joggers).

The slides will speak for themselves how much the gals enjoy the precious moments with me. I praise God for this golden opportunity after my maid crisis.


asokan K said...

Hi my dear,

Wats this about no pay leave. Good to c u havin a good time with the gals. Like I always say enjoy it while you can. regards to abang and the rest of the family

Creative B Bee said...

Hei! Very good. Looks like you really enjoy your unpay leave huh!!! And I always love to see you blog, you know why? Because I can know lots of places in Ipoh that I don't know...so I can update it from your blog ha ha!!

renet13 said...

tq C.B,
When u back in Ipoh, contact me lah esp now I so free..(dont count the hse wrk, ok) . Mayb we can catch up and go njoy all the great food in Ipoh.

Creative B Bee said...

I try my best but this few month don't think so will bk. Every time bk like 'zhou lan' ha ha!!