Thursday, July 17, 2008

Settling down but still very hurt

Only those who have been through what I 'm going through now would understand my feelings psychologically and emotionally. Physical fatique of having to do housework is fine with me.After all it's all for my kids. My love for them no complaints. but the nightmare of wondering what are the surprises next from the "BITCH" maid of mine is really disturbing. (Sorry for being rude her but I', very pissed of, "Em Kam Yuen (Not satisfied) with what she did to us.

Wanna cheat us and go off...just do it and be done with it lah. But No...she will torture us mentally by making calls saying she'll be back and created so many pathetic and "logical" stories to win our sympathy and finally I'm kind off like just woke up from a "spell" and find myself so stupid, idiotic and hopeless to have believed her. Worst is when she is not done with that. She still got guts to sms and ask if she could come back. Never have I encounter such a "Pachyderm" (thick skin and "tak malu' kind of species).

So heart sick when I found so many things and evidence that even make me feel so stupid for not realising her "tricks" all these while. During my long leave i managed to clear the house and spend more hands on time with my kids..cook for them, do laundry and manage the household. If only I could afford, I would love to be a SAHM like some of you, too. But I feel it's just too costly to maintain 4 kids and unfair to leave it to my hubby to support the family entirely.

One thing for more maids. enough of neglecting my kids' studies after school and being so dependent on this "vultures" whom you dont knw when they will eat you back anytime when we are too dependant of them due to our daily work commitment and our routine which they take advantage of.

Any comments and advise to share? How do you decide to become a SAHM..any financial hiccups?


Ling That's Me said...

I also face with maid problems and decide, no more maid for us, and hence working partime now.

I cannot be a full time SAHM after doing all the sums. I must do some partime to help in the household, otherwise my hubby will be very burden.

you have to track down all the daily expenses and do some calculations before deciding to quit or not. track it for few mths and then discuss with ur hubby.

write down wat expense could be cut when u b SAHM, like no maid sal etc ..

and write down wat expense you hv to have as now with no maid, like childcare centre or nanny ..

hope these help. :)

renet13 said...

Thanks Ling for the helpful comments.