Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boycot this maid ....the pro cheater or either that she is psycho!

Take a good look at this pro cheater who may change her name and identity to find her next victim or employer.

She love to use her name starting with ANAK... Her various names used were ANAK AYU SUKRENIA (the name she use when we took her in), she also has other identity as ANAK HANDAKO, ANAK AGUNG and also uses the name NONIK. Her birth date written 21 August 1971 from Bali but ex husband from Jawa Timur.

This is all that she claimed.....Only God knows the truth about her.
From day one her story with us was she is a widower whose husband was with the army and died in the ACHEH war. Later after she left and never came back as promised, we found a photostated IC of a man who looks like a rocker and behind the IC was written (this is my Husben). Her parents also dies in the BALI bombing.

She claims herself as one of the triplets (two other sisters already died at childhood and after giving birth. Her face doesnt resemble the original photo of hers as she claims she had a plastic surgery when her face was slashed by a robber when she protected her ex Taiwanese emplyer's 2 year old daughter. She doesnt have children.

She also claims she used to be with the police force and has connection with Suharto's Right hand man (Lim Shue Leong) as she is the daughter of his "Ah Lai" (not offcial wife).That means her mum is a Chinese.

When asked if she is so well off why is she working as maid in Malaysia. She answered that's because none of her family members knew she is a maid in Malaysia and she ran away from Indonesian's crisis back in 1997 when the indonesians tortured the Chinese brutally. Being half Chinese, she was threatened then and escaped here.

Her story later formed a very good drama with her pathetic story which was made so real with additional tricks here and there which appeared to sound logic and we believed her. Maybe we were charmed or what..only God knows.

She took advantage of our sympathy and kindness for allowing her to go back 3 times in a year for valid reason like she has to go back for some legal matters of her inheritance father's property after his dismise and also family issues. She actually owned 4 different handphones which appeared to be her family members' when they communicated with us all these while. now we realise it's a hoax and probably belong to her syndicate.

You being a third party hearing my summarised story may feel and say that it's obvious this maid cant be trusted but if you were in our position you probably would be conned by all the added in details to the drama. Afterall, she was really good with her housework and to my kids which had gained our trust and believe for 1 and a half years before her truth was revealed.

Just hope she wont find a new victim in any of you. Those of you taking new maids and going through maid BIODATA, remember this plastic face!!!


jazzmint said...

oh ini rupa nya....

hyperX said...

Wow...this is crazy... Especially a maid who had 4 different handphone to communication with outsider. Agency should blacklist her not letting in being around in our country anymore.

renet13 said...

For your info, the agency told me there's nothing they can do. I even reported to Immigration and The police. All said they cant do anything. The Police asked me "What you expect us to siasat? Macam mana nak siasat..ini bukan jenayah bunuh cuma you rugi wang saja.,You buat report lagilah kalau ada perkara yang teruk berlaku." She may change her identity or come in with a new passport which is very common among the Indons syndicate. They make new passports like nobody's bisness and still get away with it. That's why no justice for employers like us who are victims.!!