Friday, September 10, 2010

Putting Your Child's Best FOOt forward.

I used to hear old granny said "never let babies wear shoes when their feet are not ready". Nowadays everyone seem to be talking about healthy feet especially for kids and shoes play a very important role to provide the right comfort & support to ensure proper arch support for your kids'feet.

Thus, it's really important to measure a child's feet accurately before buying them every pair of shoes.
Be it a prewalker boy or girl's baby shoes

or your baby's 1st walking shoes:

That's because ill-fitting shoes can have a serious impact on your child's foot health for years to come.

To be sure that your child is wearing shoes that fit properly, we should find retailer who have trained staff to measure and fit your child with shoes, or if that's not convenient, use one of their specially developed tools to help you to measure your child's feet at home.

Take a look at this useful video to learn the important things to look for when fitting your daughters buckle up school shoes. Here you will find very informative guide on how to check if your kids' shoe is suitable and well fitted for your child's delicate feet.You can learn to be your own expert in checking your kids' feet and their shoes fitting.
For more information on fitting and advice for girl's shoes please visit

Nowadays buying shoes online for your little ones can be so much more convenient and gives you more confident when you have this tool called "Click & Fit".

The video shows how an innovative new technology (developed by a kids' shoe manufacturer) can help parents measure their kids' feet from home. Measuring childrens feet at home can be done quickly and easily with Click'n'Fit by parents who wish to buy fitted kids shoes online.