Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elegant Pieces of Artistic Collection

On my recently created new blog named ArtisticPhysiomom on blogspot, I was searching for artistic stuff to blog about, ranging from artistic meals to art & crafts, advertisements, hairstyles, etc.

I happened to bump into a great selection of something I would call unique,artistic, elegant & superb craftsmanship.

These Murano glass pieces & jewellery are ideal gifts for my good friend's birthday which is around the corner & a colleague's upcoming wedding.I'm also solely tempted to get one for my own artistic collection particularly the Murano Birds (though I'm not a bird lover). The love bird set would be an ideal ,thoughtful and elegant wedding gift for my cousin brother's wedding in October - one that will be treasured for a lifetime. I find the details and gracefulness captured by Murano artisans are so captivating.

What also caught my attention was the Murano glass pendant. Each piece is handmade in a traditional manner with no two pieces are alike. Be it in my casual outfit, work or night wear, I'm pretty sure these pendants will sure to add elegance, style & artistic pride to the wearer!

Emmm.. so shall I get the Pink Candy Murano or the Black Candy Necklace or Arianna Ruby pendant or...

My gosh! So many to choose , cant even make up my mind on which to get at the irresistible "slashed down prices".

Perhaps you should also pamper & indulge yourself with one of these collections as a great apiece of artistic jewellery & keepsake. Let me know which is your preferred choice , OK.?

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