Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watermelons r DANGERous ??

Just received an email today stating the above.

Here's the content:


This is because the watermelon planters put Furadan, a powerful insecticide (a poison), into the soil before planting the watermelon to kill and keep away insects, especially ants. Experts confirm that Furadan is active for one whole year (12 months), and is most powerful and effective during the first 90 days. The problem is this: The watermelons mature and are picked after 55 days, when the Furadan is still powerful, and a lot of it is INSIDE THE WATERMELONS! Meaning the watermelon is filled with poison!Furadan especially DAMAGES THE KIDNEYS the organs which have to filter pollution from the blood!

What do you think? True or false?
I would love to hear comments from you- especially those who are working in agricultural & chemical line. TQ

Have a sweet day..dare to eat watermelon again?? LOL!

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prince n princess mum said...

No idea.. but only eat watermelon once in a while...