Saturday, February 27, 2010

In loving memory of my beloved daddy- 27Feb 2009

Can You Hear Us “Di”?

Di , I know you're happy,
And finally free of pain,
Naught but happy-tears in KLS world,... See More
They come down as cool, clear rain.
I'm sure you've been rewarded,
For the good things that you've done,
And getting that...long-needed rest,
Or finally having peace & fun.
But forgive me on this Chinese New Year,
If I wish that you were here,
Tho I want you to be happy,
This day's not the same, I fear.
Everyday, I wish that I,
Could have you by my side,
The feeling that we miss you,
Cannot be denied.
'Cause Di, we wasted many hours,
When you walked this earth,
I that you're gone,
Just what that time was worth.
I wish you peace & serenity.
Wherever you may be,
In the arms of Amitabha Buddha,
Look upon us from up above,
Shower us with your neverending love and blessings !
We pray that you forever rest in peace!

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