Saturday, February 27, 2010

In loving memory of my beloved daddy- 27Feb 2009

I Miss U Daddy…Today is Ur 1st Anniversary since u left us!
I'm not blaming you Lord Buddha,
Nor asking why you took Daddy from me,
You were so good to him as your disciple,
Now from this world my daddy dearest is free....
Free from all troubles and trials,
From all sorrow, sickness and pain,
Free from the world's tribulations,
Earth's sorrows are now Nirvana’s gain
I'm not blaming you at all Amitabha Buddha,
For we came not into this world to stay
That man born of woman
Is full of trouble but for a few days
You were merciful and kind, Thou his keeper
We should not ask you for any more
To let him stay with us any longer
He was tired and weary before his last moments with us all
Oh no I don't blame you Amitabha Buddha
I knew that some day we would have to part
but I loved him so very much Dear Buddha
He possessed such a large space in my heart
But that Friday evening of 27Feb 2009 when you took him
To that Celestial City so fair
Death is never a welcomed stranger
And loved ones are not usually prepared
I'm so glad mom, my siblings & myself were there at the parting
We saw when doctor had to pull the ventilator off for dad to step on board
His eyes were opened at last , for a while & with his tight hand grasp ,
we continued chanting
With his last teardrops, dad finally bid us the last goodbye & followed the Light Amitabha Buddha!


stellawongyeow said...

I'm sure your dad is very proud of you. Your rendition of your love for your dad through the poems is so touching, and meaningful. May he rest in eternal peace!

Hayley said...

Hi there, I was just blog hopping and i came across your meaningful and touching poems that i can relate so much to myself. I had also recently lost my dad sometime last sept due to illness. I can truly understand how big the lost can be in part of our life.However, I too believe that Amitabha Buddha has been so merciful because he had brought our dads to a better place and a place that they belong eternally. To us that we believe, we will be reuniting at that ultimate place in future too. Thank you for writing a meaningful poem that touches the heart of readers. May you be bless always.Namo Amitabha.