Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF...happy weekend everyone!

To all my faithful blog readers & friends,

Thks for dropping by to my humble blog again & again. really appreciate that.

May you have a good weekend with yourself & your love ones.

Peace, harmony & happiness! Take care.


prince n princess mum said...

same to u!~

MeRy said...

Enjoy ur weekend !!

BongFlo said...

hi irene! just had chance to drop by here today and thanks so much for the comment on my post. i am sorry i wasn't able to translate the post in english but i'll just tell you the story how that post came about. one day as i was waiting for a friend, a beggar passed by. as i was standing on a busy street, and it was rush hour then, i could not help but notice that look on the man's face. it was sad, he looks famished and tired. i also saw how people treated the man, there were insults, some were shouting invectives because he stinks and he carried a bag full of smelly stuff. i wrote that post to reflect on the man's life and i likened it to a lost dog, wandering about and just waiting when the time for him to stop. i pitied the man, but then we, as part of society may have had a part as to why and what drove him to be like that. i just wish that i could do something to alleviate his plight. again, thanks for the visit... do you have a facebook account? just asking so i could add you up. have a nice day! ciao!!!

molly said...

Have a wonderful day everyday!

Alice Law said...

Have a wonderful weekend to you too!