Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yeh! I win ! I win!

This month I'm pretty lucky to win 2 contests one after another.

First I received an email from Lingham & sons informing me that I've been chosen by their panel of judges & food critics to win the 3rd prize in their recipe contest.That has made me RM1K richer. Thks Linghams!

A week later, hubby received a call informing him that his entry (actually I submitted using his name Ha HA)for the Chacho's Cash Your Chips contest has won RM500 from the weekly prizes.Thks Chacho's indeed spice up my life!

I feel sooo lucky! Thanks to the power of the Universe!


Creative B Bee said...

Wah! You really a LUCKY girl!! Congrats!!

MeRy said...

Congrats...You r so lucky,in 1 month can win 2 prizes.

wen said...

my God! u always wind in contest!!! congratS!