Monday, June 8, 2009

Spending School Holidays in Singapore

School holidays started frm 30 May and ending 14June 09.

Took kids to Singapore frm 6june till 9 June to spend time with their cousins who happened to be having their 4 weeks school holidays , too!

As it was an 8 hour self drive journey..the kids spent most of the time in the car sleeping..take a look at this priceless picture:

While daddy beat the traffic jam on the highway!

we stayed with kids' cousins' house. They were so happy to catch up with their cousin brother GK & sister SN:

The kids monkeying around at the apartment.

First outing was at the Singapore Zoo.

The Boatride with our boat named Pedro.

The 1st night we went to the Merlion Park :

Secondly, we visited the Singapore Science Centre & The Snow City.

Short trip but the kids are having great fun.

Will be leaving for our next vacation at Malacca (Malaysia)for a night.

Shall put in more photos/slides when i finished loading them.

Meanwhile Happy Holidays to all those Malaysians who are spending great time with their kids this school holiday.
Have a safe & happy one!


Tammy said...

I agree...that picture is so precious!

Creative B Bee said...

Wow!!! Welcome to S'pore and happy holiday yah!!
If my kids all together at back seat will not quiet like yrs. Sure fight all the time. Every time during our long journey must seperate one boy must sit in front.