Friday, June 12, 2009

Suprising Singapore..that's where we went for School Holidays!

We were in Spore for school holidays frm 6June to 9th June. After that we stayed a night in Malacca(will blog about it next).

Here are the slide pictures that will speak a zillion words to represent the fun & joy my kids had, spending the short but sweet 4days 3 nights with their cousin brother & sister in Potong Pasir and visiting the Spore Zoo, the Science Centre, Snow City & the Merlion Park.

We had great discounts paying in Malaysian Ringgit for the Science Centre & Snow City attraction package when we flashed our Malaysian passports. It was disappointing to have forgotten to bring along our passports for the first day Zoo visit & we had to pay 2.43X more in Sing dollars for the entrance tickets.! !!

Nevertheless, my kids' joy & laughter are PRICELESS!!

We left Spore & embarked in Malacca on 9th June & spent Juliana'a bday on 10thJune 09 in Malacca, too.

On 11th June hubby & I spent sometime on our own after parking the 4 kids at the nursery. We pampered ourselves with Thai Massage at AROKAYA, Ipoh Parade. Then we had lunch at Moven Peak...conveyor belt steamboat.

Also ordered claypot crab fried mee hoon. The taste....cannot beat the Crab fried mee hoon at Kuala Gula (1 hour drive from Taiping town.

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Kristie said...

lovely trip, nice of u and hubby to have some time of ur own too! well-balanced, makes everyone happy!