Saturday, June 20, 2009

Missing you Di..HAppy Father's Day!

This is the 1st year ever we are celebrating Father's Day without you being there.
Di, you have been the anchor, the inspiration & the pillar of my life until God took you away on 27Feb 2009.

Why sooo soon? I kept asking God for I have not had enough of saying how much you mean to me, how much I treasure all your love, care & guidance although I'm already a mum of 4 kids. Certainly all your grand children miss you alot, too. Where has Ah Kong gone? Is he happy in Heaven? Why Ah Kong has to die? These are the questions I cant seem to answer back ..not like when they question me about their homework.

I pray over and over again that I wish not to dream of you if you are resting in peace now.

If you really are watching over us, please give us your blessings & forgive us for not being the best of your expectation.

You will always remain in my heart coz you will always be my best Daddy whom I love forever. Till we meet again .....Happy Father's Day ,DI!

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Mummy to QiQi said...

your dad looked like a great man.