Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sporty Saturday!

Firstly my apology for a long constipated blog again. Pst few weeks had been very busy week for me and tiring too having had so many home visits to make. But it's good coz that means more additional income doing locums. Most important I could reach out to those patients who are unable to get treatment in the hospital for one reason or another.

My body is aching..longing for a good massage but I just dont have the time. Every weekend is soooo precious to be spent with my beloved family.

Last Saturday (30May 09)

Today is my late daddy's birthday. How we wish we could celebrate his birthday but..he has left us last February with no sign of him in my dreams. We miss u a lot "Di". We had offered prayer for him on his Chinese birthdate which fell on "Chang" (dumpling)festival on 28May09.

Coincidently 30thMay 2009 is also my girls' Sports Day in Merryland Nursery/Kindergarten. I cancelled all my locum appointments to be there to witness my girls performing. It was quite disappointing to note that both my girls' mood were like the groomy weather that morning of their Sport's Day. They were clingy, grouchy & just not like normal days when they come home to express what they would be doing for the actual Sports Day.

Here are some shots taken ...

the sulky faces.

The simple & small scale occasion on a cloudy day. Luckily it didnt rain after the slight worrying drizzle!

Not many shots of the actual sport event coz I had to coax both the girls & run together with them due to their "low" mood. But their mood got better after the prize giving ceremony & towards the end of the whole event. Kek Seh Ngo!!(Damn it)

The slideshow:

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jacss said...

eh, 1st time heard of this locam job leh?? the girls really do looked sulky leh...emm, really kik sei hor!! but still can get trophies, not bad !!