Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Significance of Wesak

What does WESAK Day commemorate?
Buddha's BIRTH, ENLIGHTENMENT and passing away!

These events took place on a fullmoon day in the lunar month of Vesakha which falls between April & May in conventional calendar.

Who is BUDDHA?
Buddha was a prince born in 623BC. He relinquished the luxuries of royalty and went forth for search of the true meaning of existence. After six years of intense striving., unaided and unguided by any supernatural power, and relying only on HIS strong conviction, energetic effort and accumulated wisdom. He became a BUDDHA - a self-enlightened and fully-awakened One. He has fully understood the unsatisfactory conditions in life, and moreover, He knows the practical way out of this mass of suffering.

How did Wesak holiday come about?

In March 1885, Wesak was declared an official holiday in Sri Lanka by the British governor, Sir Arthur Gordon. Malaysia has been observing Wesak as public holiday since 1962, in recognition of Buddhism being the religion with the second largest following in this country.

Buddha's Message of Peace
Greed, anger and ignorance are defilements that cause sufferings in this world. Peace is attained when we purify our minds and successfully reduce and eliminate those defilements. one who thinks , speaks and acts without greed, anger and ignorance has peace in his mind, and help promote peace in his family, community and the entire world.

happy Wesak to all!

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