Friday, May 1, 2009

Bckdated post: Easter Egg crafts with stroke survivors

10April 2009

During recent Easter, I spent about 1 hour teaching some STROKE survivors to make figurines from eggshell for EASTER celebration.

Here's the outcome:

Really glad to see these strokees using their Right brain & coming out with great creative ideas to decorate their egg shells with a littl bit of help of course (due to their functional impairment of their weak hands after STROKE).


Angeline said...

My eyes were filled with tears the moment I saw the first photo, cos' it brought back a very good memory and at the same time, a very bad one too (not sharing here though).... I did the exact same kind of art when I was 10years old...

Bengbeng said...

we had some improvement . she managed to move her hand n foot a little but after the CNY she had a fever n now it is back to square one..movement limited to her mouth n eyes. it is heartbreaking. sometimes life is so unfair