Sunday, May 10, 2009

How was your Mother's day celebration?

As for me, i shared the celebration with a group of Mothers who had stroke in a Stroke centre.

We had a great time making cardboard vases & decorating them with beans, sago seeds, maize and 1cent coins. Then we had complimentary Chinese oldies entertainment by a volunteer & his Chinese opera students.

We also had a small & simple celebration with those strokees (stroke survivors) born in the month of April-June.

As for my family, we just had a simple dinner & lunch without much fanciful celebration as a mourning respect for my dad who departed less than a 100 days ago.

Daddy, we miss you a lot especially mommy. Since the day u left, I had not had a single dream of you. I do pray & hope that this would mean u have reached the Kek Lok Si world and in the arms of Buddha. Bless us all especially your grandchildren & keep us all safe, healthy & happy..and let them have wisdom in their studies & in life.


wen said...

very meaningful!

Angeline said...

What a great way to celebrate Mothers' day! You truly have a huge heart. Many only cared about themselves on this day...

*Happy Mothers' Day to you*

huisia said...

your mother's day is very meaningful. happy mother's day to you!