Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our beautiful Sunday 29.3.09

This is a backdated post with lots of pictures & less words:

Sunday traffic jam due to Cheng Beng:

Mommy went to Polo ground with me little Jasmine (5 yr old) for stretchaerobics at about 7am while all of us (Twins Daniel, Dennis koko & Juliana cheh cheh & daddy) were still in slumberland.

Tha's me after the tiring wrkout..my feet were so sandy & achy...!!

On the way home from Polo ground with is near a cemetary, this was what we saw:

The Cheng Beng (All Souls Day) traffic jam (cemetary was just next to the Polo Ground recreational park where mommy & Jasmine went for exercise)

Then mommy rushed home to prepare breakfast for koko before their Taekwando & for cheh cheh Juliana & me before our KinderBear Music lesson.

This was our breakfast:
Rabbit Meat Burger

Can u figure out the rabbit face on the plate?

Fried ommelete with french beans

Toasted Buns

Happy Kids with their happy breakfast

The kids had to self service to put the filling in the bun. Here's the complete rabbit meat burger


wen said...

how do u cope with cooking so much food for 4 kids? i salute u!

MeRy said...

Rabbit meat burger???? is it real rabbit meat?