Friday, March 20, 2009

Ipoh yummy Fa Sang Wu!

I used to envy Healthfreak mommy when she wrote a post on how her dad makes homemade pineapple jam & peanut butter. Since then, I was craving not for peanut butter but peanut butter dessert.

Then I discovered a stall which sell peanut butter dessert in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.
I dont know the exact address but I know how to drive my way there after passing the Pasir Pinji market. It's a small little stall by the road side which is just outside a residential house on a slope.

It's realllllyyyy creammmmmy & yummmmmy especially when served warm. Meaning not so nice to take away unless you heat it up again before you consume.

Take a look:

This stall also sells Mah chee (glutinous balls top with sesame & pounded peanut).


GG said...

There's a good place for this in Menglembu. Only certain days and mornings. Other times, other desserts. I also like its black sesame-woo.. slurp!

Kristie said...

mmmm... i love peanut butter!!!