Friday, March 20, 2009

Have you tried claypot vermicelli crab?

Last week a friend from PJ called me to check out a restaurant somewhere in Bercham, Ipoh which has this specialty called Claypot Crab Vermicelli & Claypot Crab rice.

The restaurant is named Kedai Makan Lain Rasa (in chinese it's PAt tong Mei).
One will have to order in advance to avoid disapointment of having no more food to order on arrival especially the house specialty mentioned above besides the fishball with garlic oil, salted egg prawn, lemon grass chicken, , etc.

The shop opens frm 6pm to 11 pm daily. I called about 6pm that Saturday evening to book a table & book the claypot crab vermicelli but made a mistake for not pre-ordering other in house famous dishes thinking there should still be food by the time we arrived around 8.45pm. I was wrong !! Many great dishes were sold out . Well.....

Catch a glimpse of the FINISH product(dishes) that you won't need to droooollll so much:


Dried chilly chicken (to substitute Wu So Kai which was sold out)

Lemon grass sotong (to substitute their in house LaLA which was sold out)

steam fishball with garlic oil

The so called Claypot Crab Vermicelli (the claypot crab rice was not recommended to us because Habis liao (sold out))

How was the food? If u ask me, staying in Ipoh a Food Haven....I don't taste any big deal in the food except that it's unusual & quite pleasant to tastebuds. My kids especially love the fishball. I like the crab vermicelli and will definitely try the claypot crab rice the next time.

Moral of the in advance all the dishes , don't take chance.

Vedict from my gals: Thumbs up...they love the food.

TAke not of the contact number on the sign board if your eyesight is good. If you can't see the number, call o12 5128407 Kedai Makan RASA LAIN.

Happy trying!


Angeline said...

Oh what a waste! I would love to see how the food looked like before they get into your stomachs....

pc said...

somehow, the pictures make me miss home badly! please go there again for whatever u had and claypot crab rice (kl serdang has very nice for this) and blog again!

hahaha... happy monday ya and thanks for sharing!

Jacss said...

aiseh...why so d empty plate instead of the drooling dishes...??!! Vermicelli crabs surely sound great!!

Lim said...

shhhhh..... don't pass out the number....less people know more share for the rest of us:)

YES!!! we must call up way in advancce to reserve. Mr baldy will reserve the bigger crabs too. YUMMY yummy

Anonymous said...

you really knows how to tempt us! We have this in SG too and I love it!!