Monday, March 9, 2009

Dad's spirit is coming back to his home tmrw night?

Dad's "Wooi Wan" (return of his spirit) is tomorrow night about 8pm.

Is he really coming back spiritually? How do we really knw? Are there any signs or indication? What should we do? We really miss him but deep inside I'm sure we are all afraid , too. Was told that all of us(initially when I thought I would be there , too)have to hide in the room, cannot even come out to go toilet till the next morning. Since hubby will be working late outstation, I have the excuse not to join them.

I cannot join my mum & siblings since I need to care for his 4 grandkids here. Their boisterous behaviour would surely scare their Ah Kong away if his spirit is really returning tomorrow.

Anyone of you have these encounters about Wooi Wan? Please share with me.



molly said...

Hi so how? Did you see or felt anything strange that day? Or may be your dad has happily reach the buddha land eh?

eugene said...

Seriously i dont believe this, i remember when my papa die,as a 17 years old, i was so afraid of his wooi wan, but actually it was me who felt chilled about the whole thing, but anything more than that, i dont believe.

The earth is for us, and the other place is for the deceased, and there is another place for the UFOs

take care my friend,,, and have a nice weekend ahead

Angeline said...

yes my dear.
on the 7th day after the day the person left.

it happened to both my grandparents.

get a pail of uncooked rice.
smooth out the top with a chopstick
leave that one chopstick there in the pail

in the morning you can see a writing...

Bengbeng said...

I am so sorry. So deeply sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences. I didn't know until today.