Thursday, October 8, 2009

Help!! I gained 2 Kg after Raya & Mooncake festival goodies! just shown on my weighing machine that I've put on the extra FATs..
I seriously need to workout in order to enjoy the coming Deepavali goodies.

Besides I'm also worried about the pimples and cellulites which are getting more visible nowadays. How can a freckled face like mine has pimples? Cellulites on my posterior thighs,(Yucks..ugly!), extra contour over the sides of my thighs ( so improportionate!)?

Must be the oily food & all the sinful stuff that I have been indulging in past few months. Must be the STRESS? Must be the hormonal imbalance in my body!

Gosh..must really start my workout & exercise to burn all the extra FAT & detoxify my body. I must reshape & look better by this coming Chinese New Year if not Christmas! I plan to go to Clearwater Club in Batu Gajah every weekend to join the aerobics & yoga while hub goes golf & kids swim & game.

p.s Will also try to get my other half to join my "new resolution"!


little prince's mummy said...

Exercise is good! Ganbatte!~

Angeline said...

Remember, consistency is the key, not the amount of exertion...
All the Best!

Physiomom said...

thks ladies for the encouraging wrds.