Wednesday, April 15, 2009

weekend 10th,11th& 12th April 09

Friday 10 April 09

Last Friday, mommy & daddy took Ah Ma to K.L to settle Ah Kong pension matters (after he passed away on 27Feb 09).

Daniel & Dennis the twin kor kor went to school while the little girls Ju & Min ponteng(miss) school & followed mommy & daddy along.

At the pension office while waiting for it to open, Ju & Min lepak around the book shop.

Then we went to shop at IKEA. Didnt buy much but mommy loves the meatballs with the gravy & jam at IKEA's cafe. TaPau (Take away) some chicken wings & meat balls for the boys.

Saturday 11 April 09

what did mommy cook??

Simple dishes again:

Left over chic wings frm IKEA

Warm cooked Siamese rice with sweetbasil leave

Overview of the dishes

Closer look:

Chicky PAPAYia soup( ripe papaya(substitute the usual carrot), potato& tomato chicken soup)
- rich in beta carotene..taste almost the same as the normal ABC soup but naturally sweeter!)

Once aPrawn a time in France (French Beans stir fried with prawns)

"Fern"tastic Chikomato (Paku vege stir fried with sambal tomato & diced chicken meat


The Tangy-ples (orange & apples)

Papaya with Lime

Sunday 12 April

Had simple set chinese lunch at EEPOH restaurant.

Dishes of Pork ribs, Chicken, Fish, Tofu, Vege & a soup for 6 persons in our family only cost about RM58. Cheap??? The food was great. Kids enjoyed very much.

Evening- took boys for haircut at mommy's saloon.

Took mommy's friend to Wooley Foodcourt for variety of food such as spinach noodle with herbal chicken soup, popiah, fried kueh tiaw, Kai Si hor fun, taugeh & spaghetti.


mommy to chumsy said... are really creative with the names of the dishes :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

hubby loves the meatball too...too bad i do not take beef :(

Angeline said...

seriously, maybe you can consider selling those 'names' to restaurants... *laugh* they are truly creative.

Tammy said...

That all looks so delicious!

jacss said...

gee...yr boys looked so happy eating mummy's home cooked food!!

MeRy said...

You cook alot of dishes..

little prince's mummy said...

Such a nice meals!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Ipoh got IKEA meh?